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Testimonio 1

"I must admit I was a bit skeptical at first but you quickly set my mind at ease with your kindness and your helpful service. Needless to say, I got approved. Now I'm making sure everyone I know hears about it. You've earned it!"

Applied 2009-04-03 & Approved 2009-04-10 Joyce, FL
Testimonio 2

"A short message from a very satisfied customer. I canít even begin to thank you what youíve done for me. I lost my job a couple of months ago but I was so happy with the decision of starting my own business and thatís why I needed a loan but it turn out to be difficult task, that was till I found your site. Youíre wonderful!"

Applied 2006-02-26 & Approved 2006-03-16 Lisa, CA
Testimonio 3

"Yours is a great site to find mortgage loans. Thanks. "

Applied 2006-10-04 & Approved 2006-10-28 Antonio, NV
Testimonio 4

"My husband lost his job right before our twins were due. Needless to say, I became desperate, all that stress was not good for us or the babies. You helped us to straighten things out until my husband found another job. Thank you!"

Applied 2010-05-13 & Approved 2010-05-17 Edith Just
Testimonio 5

"Itís amazing how soon you got me approved for a loan. I was really on a rush but I didnít have much hope that I would be able to get the money I needed in such a short time. Iím so happy I found you guys!"

Applied 2003-11-10 & Approved 2003-11-11 Amanda, CA
Testimonio 6

"Having no security to put against a loan is hard, specially in this economy. I know that what I had wasn't good luck, it was all your doing. I can see you've helped tons of people. Hope you continue down the same path cause it's the right one. "

Applied 2010-02-10 & Approved 2010-02-16 Maury Klein
Testimonio 7

"My son had just had a daughter, my first grandchild, and he lives in China with his wife. Having bad credit, I never thought I'd be able to meet the new member of the family. Not only have I met her, but I'm going back in a few months, all thanks to you!"

Applied 2010-04-18 & Approved 2010-04-22 Jeff Morgan
Testimonio 8

"I rent my home and so I couldnít apply for a secured loan. Everywhere I turned to, what they offered were home equity loans or refinance home loans which I didnít qualify for. I just needed an unsecured loan and thatís what I got when I joined your site. And I got it within three days."

Applied 2006-11-21 & Approved 2006-11-24 Aaron Harris
Testimonio 9

"Easy to sign up, easy to find a lender, easy to get my consolidation loan. The hardest thing of this whole process was to find the words to thank you. I hope Iíve succeeded at that too."

Applied 2005-07-04 & Approved 2005-07-15 John, CA