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Testimonio 1

"Now that Iíve retired I wanted to purchase a mobile home to travel and enjoy life with my sons and grandchildren. Thanks to your help I got the financing I needed. I will always be grateful for all your help."

Applied 2011-03-18 & Approved 2011-03-26 Adriel Jordan, NY
Testimonio 2

"All the goodies you offer with your service are great! Not only did I find a loan but I also received tons of amazing pieces of advice, thanks guys!"

Applied 2009-01-06 & Approved 2009-01-16 Pamela Trenton
Testimonio 3

"I had to refinance my car loan because I couldnít afford the monthly payments anymore. I thought it would be more complicated but you made everything exceptionally simple and trouble-free. Iím now up to date with all my payments and I can relax thanks to you."

Applied 2006-11-08 & Approved 2006-11-28 Jeffrey, VI
Testimonio 4

"I will definitely recommend you to all my friends."

Applied 2004-07-01 & Approved 2004-07-20 Alan King
Testimonio 5

"I'm a bit old fashioned when it comes to technology and it's hard for me to feel comfortable with the internet and all. Your customer service team guided me through the entire process with infinite patience and awesome advice. Thank you!"

Applied 2009-02-04 & Approved 2009-02-14 Jennifer, AL
Testimonio 6

"My mum couldn't believe it when one of your lenders told her she was approved!! Thank you!"

Applied 2010-05-17 & Approved 2010-05-23 Janice Rodriguez
Testimonio 7

"I'm a home owner at last! I can hardly believe it, thanks to you and your team!"

Applied 2009-03-08 & Approved 2009-03-14 Justin, WV
Testimonio 8

"I feared my car was going to get repossessed but you helped me refinance my car loan. Thank you so much!"

Applied 2007-06-10 & Approved 2007-06-14 Armanda Stone
Testimonio 9

"I thought that loan consolidation would be a tedious process and that I would be asked a lot of questions, have to show a lot of documentation and fill a lot of paperwork. On the contrary, everything worked fast and like a charm. You took care of everything, Thank you so much!"

Applied 2003-11-04 & Approved 2003-11-13 James, FL