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Testimonio 1

"I was approved for my military loan much faster than I expected and without any hassles. I completely recommend this service."

Applied 2009-11-03 & Approved 2009-11-06 Rene
Testimonio 2

"I wanted a loan with affordable terms and low monthly payments and you suggested a secured loan. I must confess I was scared at first but thanks to the explanations of your team I understood the benefits of secured loans and applied. Now Iíve got everything I needed and can pay for it without sacrifices!"

Applied 2007-04-12 & Approved 2007-04-18 Kevin Bishop
Testimonio 3

"I thought I'd be doomed to resorting to cash advance loans all my life. Luckily this loan has payments I can afford!"

Applied 2009-06-10 & Approved 2009-06-15 Jack P.
Testimonio 4

"Besides that you stand up to your promises, I canít help but highlight how wonderful and considerate your customer service has been with me. Itís not common these days finding people that are so polite. "

Applied 2004-12-20 & Approved 2004-12-20 Helen, NY
Testimonio 5

"You really made it easy to obtain my car loan. I will now be able to drive my car to work, wake up later and get home earlier. You donít imagine how grateful I am."

Applied 2006-01-04 & Approved 2006-01-09 Melissa
Testimonio 6

"I was so lost searching on my own. You make everything so clear and easy."

Applied 2002-12-19 & Approved 2003-01-14 Jennifer Smith
Testimonio 7

"Iíve already recommended your company to several friends, you really deserve it, your site is excellent and so is your customer service. "

Applied 2011-05-17 & Approved 2011-06-05 Nicholas, CO
Testimonio 8

"When you told me you could get me approved today I though it was just figurative talk not that you could get me approved within 24 Hs. You are amazing!"

Applied 2007-04-16 & Approved 2007-04-16 Sharon
Testimonio 9

"I was very skeptical when you claimed that you would be able to find me a loan so fast and with good rates, my credit hasnít been good for the past years due to some financial mistakes I made when I lost my job. But you managed to find me a loan at an excellent rate in less than a week. Iím really impressed. Iíd say ďtoo good to be trueĒ if it hadnít happened to me."

Applied 2005-06-14 & Approved 2005-06-18 Jeffrey, SC