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Testimonio 1

"I just want to send you a big 'thank you' for helping me to become debt free. I'd hug you if I had the chance, that's how happy I am!"

Applied 2009-07-02 & Approved 2009-07-09 Twilla, MA
Testimonio 2

"With you guys, everything runs smooth and quick. Even a mortgage loan that is supposed to be complicated came out to be a calm and relaxed process. Thank you for helping me get my loan."

Applied 2006-03-17 & Approved 2006-04-10 Nicholas, VA
Testimonio 3

"When we went bankrupt, I couldnít get credit anywhere. All I heard was no, no and no. Itís very frustrating being declined by one lender after another. I didnít have many hopes when I joined your site but you helped me to rebuild my credit and find a credit card to start again."

Applied 2011-06-21 & Approved 2011-07-05 John, IN
Testimonio 4

"Those home loan payments were asphyxiating me. I knew I had to refinance my home but I didnít know how to do it or where to go to get one. I found your site and joined and have all my problems solved and the process started within a week. You made what I supposed to be a nightmare, a short and enjoyable nap."

Applied 2006-07-10 & Approved 2006-07-17 Alexander, SC
Testimonio 5

"Iíve never needed a loan before, it made me feel so embarrassed, but your customer support team was so sympathetic and helped me all through the process. The lender made no annoying questions; there were no faxes or credit checks whatsoever. And most importantly, I got the money I needed within 24 hours as you promised!"

Applied 2005-08-19 & Approved 2005-08-19 Rebecca, FL
Testimonio 6

"I have been using your service for years now and I've never been dissappointed. First it was credit repair, then it was a car loan and now a personal loan to fix my roof."

Applied 2009-09-01 & Approved 2009-09-05 Stephen Y.
Testimonio 7

"I never thought that I could get a personal loan within 6 days, otherwise I would have applied with you months ago!"

Applied 2010-06-03 & Approved 2010-06-09 Susan, CO
Testimonio 8

"Having little to no credit history, I found it incredibly hard to find a loan. Your lenders gave me a hand when I most needed one."

Applied 2010-04-13 & Approved 2010-04-17 Jackie Knack
Testimonio 9

"After refinancing with you guys I reduced my monthly payment and Iím enjoying life again. Your service is wonderful easy and fast."

Applied 2011-06-12 & Approved 2011-07-12 Charles, CA