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Testimonio 1

"I just want to thank you for the amazing service youíve provided for me and my family. We were in need of cash urgently and weíve never got such a quality service. In a matter of minutes we applied with one of your recommended lenders and without credit checks we got approved in the very same day. I just canít thank you enough."

Applied 2006-04-10 & Approved 2006-04-10 James, CA
Testimonio 2

"I wanted to do an elective medical treatment that required an expensive procedure first. First I tried to contact different physicians but all provided the same answer: that my health insurance didnít cover such treatments and that I would need to pay for it. At that point, I had no money saved so I started looking for Medical Loans. I ran into your site and joined. In a matter of days I got approved for the loan I wanted and the exact amount I needed. Thanks! "

Applied 2007-02-21 & Approved 2007-03-02 Donna Meeker, NY
Testimonio 3

"I needed a loan for a cosmetic treatment and nobody approved me. I tried everywhere unsuccessfully. I was disappointed and frustrated when a friend of mine recommended your site. I joined without much hopes but you soon got me approved. Iím so happy I could keep on writing a longer thank you note but I donít want to waste your time. Thank you, thank you!"

Applied 2007-07-08 & Approved 2007-07-17 Laura, WA
Testimonio 4

"I wanted to buy a new car, but high interest rates where putting me off. I joined your site and got quotes from several lenders in a single day, I could even tell them what the others offered so they would lower the rates and improve their offers. Now Iíve got my new car and I know whom I have to thank. Thank you so much. "

Applied 2002-06-07 & Approved 2002-07-21 Bob, WV
Testimonio 5

"It can be really hard for tenants to obtain a loan. I got declined everywhere before I found your site. Now, Iím approved for a non-homeowner loan as I needed. Thank you all!"

Applied 2006-07-16 & Approved 2005-07-19 Karl Lemons
Testimonio 6

"I am very thankful to your team for the service provided. I've applied for two credit cards and I got both within 20 days. Your team is doing an excellent job and the customer service is kind and competent I really canít ask for more. Congratulations!"

Applied 2003-11-20 & Approved 2003-12-09 Helen, NH
Testimonio 7

"It's unbelievable how much money you make me save on insurance, I was being ripped off."

Applied 2002-07-12 & Approved 2002-08-14 Gail Elliot
Testimonio 8

"Working with you guys has been really satisfactory. There was little involvement on my part. And everything went easy and smooth. Iíll definitely use your services again if I ever need to."

Applied 2002-06-07 & Approved 2002-06-17 Jason, VA
Testimonio 9

"I was up to the neck in debt, now I can swim again!"

Applied 2009-02-10 & Approved 2009-02-16 Janet, WY