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Testimonio 1

"Approval was hassle-free and quick! Very efficient team you've got there."

Applied 2010-05-15 & Approved 2010-05-19 Kevin Hogan
Testimonio 2

"I needed a loan to start over after a terrible divorce. I read your site and I was immediately interested in fresh start loans as they seemed to be the solution to my problems. And that was exactly the solution. I got approved right away and Iím now starting my new life."

Applied 2007-02-28 & Approved 2007-03-10 Natasha Allen
Testimonio 3

"My credit was bad... poor... less than perfect, you name it! But you guys got me approved anyway."

Applied 2009-02-18 & Approved 2009-02-28 Peter, WI
Testimonio 4

"Whenever I need fast cash, I now know where to go. I will recommend your service!"

Applied 2005-08-14 & Approved 2005-08-14 Gary, WA
Testimonio 5

"For many years I couldnít get approved for a decent credit card but now you got me approved for an unsecured credit card with a high credit limit and a reasonable rate. Thank you for all the effort and hard work! "

Applied 2006-06-13 & Approved 2006-06-13 Willie
Testimonio 6

"I love all the choices you give your customers and the helpful advice you provide them with. I didn't know which loan type to choose and you also helped me out through that."

Applied 2009-06-17 & Approved 2009-06-24 LeAnn Growers
Testimonio 7

"I needed a loan for non-homeowner because I rent and thus cannot get approved for home equity loans but due to my credit score and history I was turned down everywhere. Now, thanks to you Iíve been approved for a non-homeowner loan and Iíll be able to help my mother and take care of her. Thank you so much!"

Applied 2006-04-26 & Approved 2006-05-02 Timothy Fura
Testimonio 8

"My parents couldnít help me any longer to pay for my college studies. I just needed a small student loan but I kept getting declined. I couldnít get further aid from federal loans either. I joined you site hoping to get a small private student loan to finish my career and thatís exactly what I got. And with excellent terms!"

Applied 2006-11-20 & Approved 2006-11-27 Cedir Bennet
Testimonio 9

"I needed a small amount urgently to cover some bills and you got me approved in less than 24 Hs. You are amazing. Thank you!"

Applied 2007-02-11 & Approved 2007-02-11 Gary, L.A.