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Testimonio 1

"I was very skeptical when you claimed that you would be able to find me a loan so fast and with good rates, my credit hasnít been good for the past years due to some financial mistakes I made when I lost my job. But you managed to find me a loan at an excellent rate in less than a week. Iím really impressed. Iíd say ďtoo good to be trueĒ if it hadnít happened to me."

Applied 2005-06-14 & Approved 2005-06-18 Jeffrey, SC
Testimonio 2

"After a rough couple of months due to being fired, a personal loan was what I needed to get back in track. I got approved with good terms and I was able to recover from hard times."

Applied 2010-04-18 & Approved 2010-04-23 Sherri, AK
Testimonio 3

"My credit was bad... poor... less than perfect, you name it! But you guys got me approved anyway."

Applied 2009-02-18 & Approved 2009-02-28 Peter, WI
Testimonio 4

"I had to purchase a new car for my wife because I couldnít take her to her job since we started working on opposite sides of the city. Everywhere I went denied me due to my bad credit or offered outrageous loan terms that I wouldnít be able to afford on the long run. I want to thank you for helping me find an affordable car loan despite my credit history. You really stand up to your claims!"

Applied 2007-01-29 & Approved 2007-02-06 Samuel Jones
Testimonio 5

"Thanks to you guys I really had a merry Christmas!"

Applied 2006-12-20 & Approved 2006-12-21 Vickie, VA
Testimonio 6

"I've recommended your site and your service to three of my classmates, I'm sure they could use a student loan with the kind of terms you got for me."

Applied 2010-06-02 & Approved 2010-06-06 Joann Hubbard
Testimonio 7

"This was my second personal loan with you. Thank you for being the best in the business, a friend of mine recommended you and I had so much doubts of doing this online, I was so wrong, everything came sound and easy. Itís always a pleasure to work with you. "

Applied 2011-05-06 & Approved 2011-05-30 Gary, NH
Testimonio 8

"Great Deal for a Lifetime membership. I'm gonna make good use of it."

Applied 2003-08-30 & Approved 2003-09-18 Edward Achey
Testimonio 9

"I was so afraid I could lose my car, I havenít been earning as much as I used to and I couldnít afford the installments, and I need the car to work. Then you suggested to refinance and my fear was that I have bad credit but you managed to find me a lender and now not only Iíll be able to pay off my car but Iíll also be able to catch up with other debts, Iím so grateful. "

Applied 2005-07-06 & Approved 2005-07-28 Mark Collins, WA