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Testimonio 1

"I needed a personal loan to purchase some equipment for my car. But due to the payments of my car loan no one seemed to be willing to approve me. I want to thank you for helping me find a lender that would work with me to design a loan I can afford."

Applied 2007-06-13 & Approved 2007-06-18 Gary, NY
Testimonio 2

"Getting my loan was a lot less complicated than I expected. I am so happy now; I really needed that money to pay off other debt. Iím telling all my friends about your site, I know many could use some extra cash and your services are really great!"

Applied 2005-03-30 & Approved 2005-04-08 Mike, IL
Testimonio 3

"This site is EXACTLY what I was looking for. Everything I wanted to know all packed into a single site. Thank you! Thank you! "

Applied 2002-04-27 & Approved 2002-06-03 Christopher, CA
Testimonio 4

"Just to let you know that your site provides an invaluable service. Thanks for your help. "

Applied 2005-02-28 & Approved 2005-03-21 Paula, WA
Testimonio 5

"My credit is now slowly improving and Iíll soon be able to enjoy the benefits of a good credit score just like you told me. Many thanks for pointing me into the right direction; good credit repair services are hard to get."

Applied 2006-08-20 & Approved 2006-08-20 Michelle
Testimonio 6

"With an ill husband and no insurance, hospital bills kept piling up. Now I can concentrate on taking care of him without worrying about money."

Applied 2009-07-06 & Approved 2009-07-12 Angela L.
Testimonio 7

"All the goodies you offer with your service are great! Not only did I find a loan but I also received tons of amazing pieces of advice, thanks guys!"

Applied 2009-01-06 & Approved 2009-01-16 Pamela Trenton
Testimonio 8

"I was very skeptical when you claimed that you would be able to find me a loan so fast and with good rates, my credit hasnít been good for the past years due to some financial mistakes I made when I lost my job. But you managed to find me a loan at an excellent rate in less than a week. Iím really impressed. Iíd say ďtoo good to be trueĒ if it hadnít happened to me."

Applied 2005-06-14 & Approved 2005-06-18 Jeffrey, SC
Testimonio 9

"Thank you guys for understanding our credit problem. We had an excellent car buying experience and you where so helpful finding us a car loan. "

Applied 2011-06-24 & Approved 2011-07-16 Patty, SC