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Testimonio 1

"When my husband left me, he took away many things but let me a ruined credit as a token of his love. I needed a loan desperately but all where declines because my credit was awful. A friend of mine recommended your services and so I joined. It took me some time, but after going through all your advice, I got hold of a bad credit loan with a payment program that I can cope with. I知 now following your advice on how to improve my credit."

Applied 2011-08-10 & Approved 2011-08-21 Pamela Kelly
Testimonio 2

"I知 not a homeowner and it seemed I couldn稚 get approval for any kind of loan due to the lack of collateral and my bad credit but you got me approved for a non-homeowner loan. Thank you!"

Applied 2007-07-15 & Approved 2007-07-19 Robert
Testimonio 3

"Your loans are the best out there and so are your lenders. Congrats on a job well done, keep it up!"

Applied 2010-02-04 & Approved 2010-02-09 Isabella L.
Testimonio 4

"I knew I was young and I didn't have any assets to my name, but I honestly didn't think it'd be so difficult to receive a loan. It took me a while to find you but I'm so glad I did!"

Applied 2010-03-29 & Approved 2010-04-01 Alyssa L.
Testimonio 5

"Hey, great job! thanks, thought no one really cared."

Applied 2006-01-04 & Approved 2006-03-03 Walter Hill
Testimonio 6

"I joined your site looking for a debt consolidation loan and I soon got approved for one with much better terms and conditions than I had expected. I知 very happy with the results and I値l make sure to tell everyone I know about your services."

Applied 2007-05-14 & Approved 2007-05-19 Megan, NY
Testimonio 7

"I admit I was hesitant at first but you quickly put my mind at ease and provided me with the funding I needed so very much!"

Applied 2010-03-23 & Approved 2010-03-26 Marie Pollack
Testimonio 8

"Getting approved for an unsecured loan seemed to be impossible as a tenant. I got declined everywhere till I found your site. You directed me to the right lender immediately and I got approved fast and without difficulties. Thank you all!"

Applied 2007-06-06 & Approved 2007-06-15 Karl, IL
Testimonio 9

"Your help has been invaluable throughout the whole process. I couldn稚 have got this loan without your assistance. My credit report is awful but I値l follow your advice and with this new loan approved I will recover from my financial mistakes. Thanks for giving me a second chance!"

Applied 2004-09-30 & Approved 2004-10-06 Aiden, NY