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Testimonio 1

"Before I could finish explaining my problem, Customer support team sent me an email saying a Line of Credit was what I needed and following was a list of lenders. I contacted the first one and I got a quote from them and later that week I got approved. I知 amazed!"

Applied 2004-07-08 & Approved 2004-07-12 Rachel, NY
Testimonio 2

"My daughter would never have been able to go to college hadn't it been for your loan."

Applied 2010-05-13 & Approved 2010-05-16 Michele Mendez
Testimonio 3

"Medical bills kept pilling up. I don't know what I would have done without your help. I'm so grateful!"

Applied 2006-02-06 & Approved 2006-03-14 Ashley Hicks
Testimonio 4

"I had a good credit score and a great job, so I was more than able to face a home loan payment, but my credit was not sufficiently established. However, this was not a problem for you, even if it was a problem for everybody else. I will definately use your program again in the future!"

Applied 2009-04-28 & Approved 2009-05-04 Warren Plent
Testimonio 5

"It痴 amazing; I will save over $4700 in the first years by refinancing with the lender you recommended. I知 so happy I closed on this deal since I値l be getting the new car I longed for now that I値l be able to afford the monthly payments. And I got to thank you for it. "

Applied 2002-10-05 & Approved 2002-10-14 Susan, FL
Testimonio 6

"I own a mobile home but many lenders didn't feel I qualified for a secured loan. Your lender didn't either, but he approved me for an unsecured loan on the spot and with fair terms!"

Applied 2010-01-10 & Approved 2010-01-17 Chase Crawford
Testimonio 7

"With my awful credit score, no one wanted to give me a chance. No one except for you! Thank you!"

Applied 2010-03-04 & Approved 2010-03-11 Harrison M.
Testimonio 8

"It is common knowledge that getting an unsecured loan these days is somewhat difficult. But you lived up to your words and helped me even if I had no collateral whatsoever."

Applied 2009-10-17 & Approved 2009-10-24 Genevieve Bells
Testimonio 9

"This new credit card has much better terms than the ones that I had. I really needed a higher credit limit but since I couldn稚 prove income, no one would approve it. You showed me the way to get it and I知 grateful for that."

Applied 2007-02-20 & Approved 2007-02-26 James Hedar